Combining file server and nextcloud features

Hi all,

Nextcloud can store your data anywhere you point it to.

I was thinking. What if i have a linux file server, serving CIFS to my PC which is windows. so i use CIFS to connect to my shares on my file server. what if i want this data to be in my nextcloud.

Well i would just mount the CIFS share using NFS on my nextcloud and tell nextcloud thats where my data is.

This would proberly work if i was using the Nextcloud windows client…

but i don’t think it would work if i logged into the web interface. At least with owncloud the webpage only shows the files that in the mysql index. so i would hard copy data into the my nextcloud data folder the data would not show on web because it was not indexed.

so in my example if i copied a file from my PC to my CIFS network share i would not show in nextcloud web interface before the file was somehow indexed.

is this assumption true? and if so any way to fix it?

THANKS for a awesome product!

This assumption is indeed true.

You must run occ files:rescan possibly per cron for new files to be indexed. But this is a very dirty way to do it.

Better you use just mountainduck or similar to access your files through the NC Server if you dont want to sync it to windows. MD is the most stable webdav interface for Windows as far as i know and comes at a little cost. Uncheck chaching in MD if you do so. Windows Webdav is unuseable at the moment.