Colors of calendar for evets with time have disappeared

The colors of my calendars have disappeared. Only the “all day events” have the defined color like “AMZ - Sparabo…” in my screenshot.

The colored dots or colored background for events with a time have disappeared. So I can’t see what kind of events these are. See “Infra-Meeting at 13:30”. All time events are in calendars with defined colors.

Any ideas how I can colorize my events?


Same to me. If you are switching to another view than mpnthly, it works as expected.
Maybe this behavoiur has somethin to do with the change from 3.4.0 to 3.4.1 (Bugfixing monthly view)

I’m using NC 24.0.2 with calendar 3.4.1


I’m also running NC 24.0.2.

I’ve just downgraded to Calendar 3.4.0 using How to downgrade calendar app from 3.0.3 to 3.0.2 - #2 by tflidd and the dots are back.

Therefore it definitely has something to do with 3.4.1.

There is also another problem with 3.4.1 release with very long title.

Previously in 3.4.0, if the title was long, it was cut off so it can fit into a day space as you can see on this screenshot

Now, in 3.4.1, a long title can overlap with the space next to it which makes it hard to read as you can see here

3.4.2 fixes all issues with colors, long event titels, freezing browsers …

Thx a lot.