Color of calendar change


How could I change the 12 colors at calendar permanent?

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-25 um 14.46.00

thanks & greets

You chnaged the color of the event according to your screenshot.

To change the color of a calendar, use the left sidebar, click the three dot menu next to the calendar you want to adjust and choose Change color.

I know the way to change the color of an event or of an calendar.

But I would like to have other colors in the field of my screen-shot. f.e. red, grey …

Press the three dot menu below the suggested colors for a native color picker that allows you to pick any color you wish :wink:

PS.: Changing the suggested colors permanently is not possible as far as I know. You can open a new issue in the corresponding issue tracker but personally I believe this will not be implemented as it is kind of an edge case in my opinion.

Hello Stefan, I will do so.
But I think, there is a configuration-option anywhere to define the pickup-colors … maybe someone knows where