Collectives question/clarity

Question regarding Collectives.
I would like to use Collectives as a knowledge base between my team members for “How to” documents.
I do have some questions as I’m not sure if I’m just missing something.

When searching within NC, the search does find the manufacture names within the collective but it isn’t find anything within the document. Meaning, I have a document with regards to configuring a network switch, searching for “configuration” doesn’t find the collective but other documents on our NC that has “configuration” in the title. Is this normal? I did find some articles with regards to verifying ( ext-pdo and ext-pdo_sqlite PHP extensions) planned with my next upgrade. I just wanted to understand/verify that this will be the behavior of the search?

Hey @F1_Guy.

ext-pdo and php-sqlite need to be installed in order to have full-text search working in Collectives. So indeed this should help you there.

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Working as expected, thanks!