Collectives : can't share with others if editing rights are limited

Hi everyone,

I’ve started using the collectives app recently and I find it really cool and useful, but I’m facing an horrible issue. I haven’t found anyone relating it so I’d love to know if this bug can be reproduced or if it’s coming from my installation

Steps to reproduce:

  • create a collective, add some pages etc
  • share it with some users or groups (I tried both)
  • limit the editing rights to admins only (admins and moderators also leads to the issue)
  • when a user with these limitations wants to access the collective, the pages are empty.
  • as soon as the collective owner allows every user from the collective to be able to edit the pages, then everyone gets to see the pages content again

Why it’s a problem ?
I wanted to create a welcome guide available for every user so that they can learn about Nextcloud and the tools. But I don’t want them to edit the collective, it’s purely informational and not intended to be modified by others.

Has anyone noticed the same issue?

Thanks for your feedback !

I’m sharing 3 screenshots to show the problem (it’s in French but it doesn’t matter to get the point) :

Dear @louischance, is this still the case with latest Collectives 2.9.1 release and at least Nextcloud 27.1.2? If so, could you please open an issue over at Issues · nextcloud/collectives · GitHub?

Hi, I just updated Collectives from 2.9.0 to 2.9.1 and the bug is still there (I have Nextcloud 27.1.3 installed). I’m opening an issue on GitHub as suggested.

Thanks for your message ! :slight_smile: