Collectives Attachmehts not showing

Hi there!
i am trying to add an attachment to a collectives page to share with other users, but when clicking the linked attachment it is only showing a white box:
When using the “add attachment” button, Nextcloud is showing only a white box even with the same user that created the collectives page
When using “add link → file or folder” option (which is my preferred usage option!), it works for the user that created the page, but when opening the page with another user login it only shows a white box. I tried with video (mp4), picture and .md file
can you help? :slight_smile:
cheers henrik

Hi there,

I’ve got kind of the same problem.

I’m trying to add a .png via Picture-Upload-Button or selecting a file inside the “collectives” folder (upload before). During the edit mode (even later) I’m able to see the picture, but in “view” mode there’s only an infinite loading circle. Same for the owner and all other users.

The collective is shared via a user group.
Nextcloud 27.1.1 current “collectives” app.

Hope you’ve got an idea.
Thanks a lot.