Collectives - Any way to make the pages wider?

Hey All,

I’m fairly new to Nextcloud, im using the collectives portion mainly, it’s almost perfect however there is a lot of wasted space to the left and right.

Is there a way to make the text editable area wider, I ask this as I have alot of notes.

My operating system is fedora, I am using firefox, however I have also tested this on windows using firefox and chrome.

My version is - 25.0.2

At the moment this functionality is not available in collectives

Maybe by using the Custom CSS app?

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Ah okay, thank you for letting me know

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Thank you, I have installed it, but am unsure how to configure it, do you know if there is any documentation for this?

I’ve never used this app myself, but there is a readme with the code on Github showing some screenshots:

Looks like CSS can be added from the settings page inside ‘theming’

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Thank you for the info, I would be lost without you two!

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There’s an open issue about this. It discusses the pros and cons of wider content quite a bit and pretty well summarizes our state of discussion around this.

I’d be curious what happens if you zoom into the page pressing ctrl and +. Does that only increase the font size or does it also make it more wide?

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Unfortunately it seems to just zoom in, basically increasing text size.

But thanks anyways

Can you plaese post the CSS settings which i need to make the collectives text block wider?
Thanks for help.

.app-collectives .text-editor__content {
  max-width: 80% !important;

thanks, it works like an charme!