Collectives 1.0 not working


I just updated Collectives from 0.22.22 to 1.0.0 and can’t have access to any of my content.

centos7, apache2.4, mariadb10.3, php8.0-fpm
nextcloud 23.0.3, collectives 1.0.0

After update, i have this information when trying to open any of Collectives:
Could not fetch pages
Internal Server Error

In the Log i have this Error:
Error: Class “OCA\Collectives\Model\PageFile” not found

This is a Huge problem, has i have all my documentation here.

I can only access this by navigating in Files and in the Folders of Collectives.

So Collectives is unusable.

Is there a solution?


Report the issue directly to the Collectives github.

Check all of their issues in case your issue has already been filed.

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I didn’t saw anything related, so opened an issue there.



Answer from gitlab repo: “Also, did you try to restart your php8.0-fpm service? This might be an issue related to opcaching, since the PHP class PageFile was renamed to PageInfo in Collectives 1.0.0.”

It was related to opcache.

Because class PageFile changed to PageInfo, i had to restart php-fpm and problem solved.


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