Collective PDF's

Has anyone seen this error when uploading a PDF file on a collective page, if so any idea how to fix it?

Failed to load .attachments.494/PIM%20Addition%20%282%29.pdf

Maybe it is a problem with characters e.g. " ", “(” or “)”. Can you upload a PDF without this characters? Does is work?

Check their git repo and file an issue if you do not find this there.

Can you only add images? I tried without any special letters same issue


And what about the character space (%20)? Sorry I’m pretty old and remember the days when there were no spaces in filenames. But i also think that does not solve your probelm but test it for me.

I can reproduce your error on my instance. It might be that pdfs are not supported yet

Yes, unfortunately rendering non-image attachments is currently broken in view-mode in Collectives. This is tracked here: Attachments are rendered as broken images in view mode on Nextcloud 25 · Issue #396 · nextcloud/collectives · GitHub

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