Collective Folder in Files

Hi, I noticed a strange behavior with the collectives / Kollektive

I installed new Nextcloud in German language
the i added some collectives in settings I see:
The added a new user,
switched settings to German.
The went to collectives and added the new user as Admin.
Logged in with new user.
Went to collectives Settings and there is:
and i cannot choose the folder Kollektive where the collectives are:

Can someone Pls. Explain this?

Dear @Witzker, do you see a Collectives or Kollektive folder that contains your collectives in your home directory in the Files app?

Given that your second screenshot shows Collectives as folder setting for Collectives, that folder should exist in your home directory (in the Files app) and contain the collectives data, no?

If you want to change the folder to Kollektive, please do the following:

  1. Open the settings for “Ordner für Kollektive” in the Collectives app
  2. In the file picker that opens, navigate to your home directory (the “house” button)
  3. Select “Create new folder” and name it “Kollektive”
  4. Navigate to this new folder by clicking on it
  5. Select “Choose” to make this folder the home folder for your collectives

Afterwards, your folder “Collectives” should be empty and all collectives data should reside in the folder “Kollektive”.

THX for your response

What I did is shared the Kollective folder with the other user and choose this as described from You above
then deleted the folder collectives

Is this the wrong approach?
Now both users use the same folder Kollektive!

I do not understand the concept behind!?

I guess the name of the default Collectives folder depends on the default language of your instance, respectively on the langauage the account was created with: English → Collectives, German → Kollektive.

It seems that if you change the language afterwards, the folder will not be renamed automatically. However, this should not affect the functionality and is purely a cosmetic issue.

But now I have all collectives from both useres in Kollective as described above
Is this ok what i did?

Sorry, I somehow overlooked that.

Did you share the folder with the other user directly via the Files app? If so, you probably shouldn’t do that, but instead share individual Collectives with other users or groups from within the app.

Also, according to this, Collectives seems to be tied to the Circles app, but I’m not sure if Circles is a strict requirement in order to be able to share your Collectives with other users.

So to be honest, I don’t quite understand the logic either, and I can’t test it at the moment because I upgraded my test server to NC28 Beta yesterday, which Collectives doesn’t seem to be compatible with just yet…

THX for taking care
Yes it’s strange concept
What I did in whole is this:
Installed Nextcloud from softacolous apps in my webspace ( don’t know if this is Docker or something else)
User 1 created with fresh Installation from beginning had Admin privileges German language
Installed collectives - setting folder Kollective
Created some collectives
Added new user - standard language English - changed to German
Collective settings folder - collectives
Wanted to change to Kollektive, but this folder was not visible in the settings dialog
Shared collectives with User 2 now all collectives are there 2 times
One in Kollective other in folder collectives
So I thought that this is wrong
Then Shared folder Kollective with User 2
Then User 2 settings changed from Collectives to Kollektive
Deleted folder Collectives

Up to now it works when User 1 add new collective it can also be seen from User2

Dear all. To add members to a collective, you should use the “Manage members” action inside the Collectives app. You find it in two places:

  • In the three-dot menu of your collective the collectives list
  • In the three-dot menu of the landingpage (first item from top) in the page list

To share a collective via link (to grant people without a Nextcloud account access), use the “Share link” action inside the Collectives app. It can be found at the same places as described above.

Sharing folders below the “Collectives” (or “Kollektive”) folder in the Files app is the wrong approach. It will create a share for the folders, but it will not grant anybody additional access to a collective inside the Collectives app.

Hope this helps.