Collarora (CODE) and cURL errors

I recently upgraded my Nextcloud instance to 28.0.1. Since, I don¨t get the green mark anymore in Admin → Overview, but instead warnings about log messages.

Specifically regarding Collabora. I get a few of these every day:

[richdocuments] Error: Failed to fetch the Collabora capabilities endpoint: cURL error 6: Could not resolve host: (see for
	from ? by -- at 16 jan. 2024 07:35:08

However, seems to return an XML page:

{"convert-to":{"available":true,"endpoint":"/cool/convert-to"},"hasMobileSupport":true,"hasProxyPrefix":false,"hasTemplateSaveAs":false,"hasTemplateSource":true,"hasZoteroSupport":true,"productName":"Collabora Online Development Edition","productVersion":"","productVersionHash":"aff0ccf","serverId":"4ff64844"}

And using Collabora for viewing / editing documents works fine. Does anyone know why these errors occur, and if anything can be done to get rid of them?

Can you resolve the hostname from the Nextcloud Server itself? Not knowing your installation method we can’t be more specific than that. If Docker, test from inside container not the underlying host.

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Yes. traceroute works fine, and curl too. I haven´t been able to fins anything that returns an error or doesn´t work.
Anything else I could check?

I have the same problem. everything works fine including DNS resolve and function is working as well. but keep getting those error from log