Collabra + Onlyoffice hybrid


1)Can i run both onlyoffice and collabra office at the same time?
2)Is it possible to use onlyoffice for browser queries and collabra for the mobile app ?
3)And lastly will it have some conflicts ?

  1. yes.

  2. don’t know.

  3. i guess in the web gui you can’t choose on a document base which office suite will open it. it’s based on the config of the suite.

  4. you may try yourself. get a cloud server, get a dns entry and run one of the playbooks.


the first one doesn’t work right now with selfsigned certificates and onlyoffice. the second is a little bit more complex to setup. total newbies are happier with the first one.

if you use aws the amazon name (e.g. won’t work with letsencrypt. just get a account and server. (€cents/hour) their “internal” server names work with letsencrypt.

you get a trial nextcloud within 30min.