Collabra built-in cannot be reached anymore since last update

Hello there,

first of all an important information: I am not that deep into collabra setup at all, so I was quite happy that with the included Nextcloud Office, all worked like a charm for me.

Now, since the last update to Nextcloud 29.0.2, no odt etc. file was opened. I went to the admin interface → Office. I was always using “use included CODE - Collabra Online Development Edition” and in the past, there was no error. But now, I get:

“Failed to connect to the remote server: cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: self-signed certificate”

As I did not change anything what concerns the certificate, I guess something in the CODE has changed. Surely, I searched for this, but all I got was some refernces to docker containers - and it seems like I don´t use docker at all on my ubuntu 22.04 system.

So, could somebody please help me in getting this fixed? I am aware that obviously, more information is needed to solve it, so please tell me what I should provide.

System info so far:
Ubuntu 22.04 with Nextcloud 29.0.2 and all updates installed. Used php: 8.2