Collaborative Office editing

Hi all,

thanks for providing us with this amazing piece of software, we really love it.

We currently run NC on a webhosting package, where it’s not possible to install any third-party-applications on the server itself via SSH / root-access.

Thus, we are wondering whether there is any possibility to still use collaborative online-editing of Office files within OUR cloud without the need to first sync them to your local machine, do the changes and push the changes?

We’d be willing to pay for a premium office provider, if something like that exists. So do you know, is there any mechanism, e.g. by use of third party providers, to make that possible?

Could you please point us to the right direction?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Does it mean it’s not possible? :slight_smile:

??? Premium Support???

On your current NC it should be possible if you install the built-in Collabora Office app or the OnlyOffice one. I don’t use one of them, but I think that when you install one, it installs the whole Office. And when it’s installed, you can of course use collaborative online-editing without the need to download to your local machine.

Just, this way of installing an Office suite makes it very slow to use. But it works.

Just try :slight_smile: .