Collaborative markdown editor "text" freezes/does no longer saves changes

I like using things like google doc to teach online interactively and I do promote doing so as I m teaching expert. I d prefer to use the libreoffice markdown editor for that. But when using it together with about 20 people (and even if we do so with only 10 people), it out of the blue stops saving changes. One can see that it does not save changes because last save time is told in the upper right corner - and because we can not see the changes of the others. So we are forced to switch to google doc out of the moment, what I really do not like. I once realized, that I could solve that situation by closing an other browser tab that displayed the folder containing relevant markdown file. After closing that tab, I refreshed the tab that contained the markdown editor in use - and it worked. But today, nothing helped, and we were forced to move to google doc. :frowning:

I d like to help to find and solve that bug. Could I observe specific things to provide more precise information?