Collabora with mail-merge feature?

Hi there,
I would like to hook up with a related topic but more from the user side. Currently we are using Only Office on our nextcloud and it is working fine so far. Due to new price model in 2024 we are looking out for a more affordable solution. The only question that I couldn’t figure out is the functionality of mail merge. In Only Office this works fine, but I couldn’t find a mail merge option in Collabora. I investigated on the demo account hosted on nextcloud, but couldn’t find it. I can’t believe that it is not available, so maybe I’m blind. Can anybody help with the question if mail merge exists in Collabora online?
Thanks in advance!

umm dunno why this just popped up in my stream since it’s a bit older now.
So maybe if you still read it it would be nice if you could explain “mail merge”… what’s that. What does it do.
If I’d just take the words and would try to make sense of them I’m afraid there is nothing like that on collabora. At least not now and not that I know of.