Collabora with iOS Nextcloud app

I have Collabora Online installed and enabled.
It works well with the desktop NC version, and with the iOS app.
However, whenever an Excel-like file is viewed with Collabora from the NC iOS app, there is no “back” button. As a result, the only way to quit the file is to close the app.

iOS 14.5
iPhone 11 Pro

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I have the same issue…
Don’t know, how to close the opened file.

We have the same problem…and it’s even more frustrating for our technologically-less-gifted employees.
So far, opening Collabora-charts in the iOS app is a trap.
Desktop Nextcloud Collabora Online version is running smooth, but on the (different) iPads - all iOS 15.6.1 - there’s the missing “back-button” when viewing charts.

You could add a comment and / or upvote this issue on GitHub… Back Button is missing on iPad · Issue #2398 · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub


I will! Thank you so much for your advice!

Like GitHub the problem is fixed, but i can’t confirm that.
On iPad and Android Tablet, i can not go back after editing a file with collabora. No X Button and the logo button doesnt work after edit a file anymore. Does i do something wrong?