Collabora Virtual Host with Let's Encrypt

I am in the process of setting up Collabora Online for my nextcloud, I am following the tutorial on , and I need some help with the Virtual Host setup.

In the example configuration it is stated
# SSL configuration, you may want to take the easy route instead and use Lets Encrypt!

I used Let’s Encrypt for my Nextcloud setup, and found it very easy and straight forward. I have no idea what to do with the collabora config file. From the video in the tutorial I can see that I only need to change the domain and the SSL config. The domain is simple enough, but what do I do with the SSL config?

How do I use Let’s Encrypt?

cd ~
sudo wget && sudo chmod a+x certbot-auto

sudo ./certbot-auto --apache --agree-tos --email -d -d

Using my test domains as an example, it will do the rest for you.

I did a bit of a tutorial with my noob experience, just use it as an example for yours.