Collabora spreadsheet formula calculation

I’m trying out Collabora with Nextcloud. I’m running a separate Collabora docker container next to the Nextcloud container. Everything works fine, but I noticed that the totals of a formula do not get recalculated right away. A simple test with a sum() formula confirmed this. The cell with the formula only updates on saving the file, or with Data => Recalculate. Is there some way to get this to happen automatically? Also, as a side question, is there a possibility to autosave files (more often)?
Thanks in advance!

Edit: I tried out a simple new spreadsheet file (.ods format), and the totals are recalculated right away. My post was about a very large .xls file with many rows of data, so maybe that is the problem? Or .xls vs .ods?

hi @vincentkoevoets welcome to the forum :handshake:

all formulas are calculated immediately (using small ods test sheet). I could imagine large sheets are delayed - but please test on your own.

I’m under impression auto-save happens every 60 sec when you are editing and every time you close the sheet. Saving the doc more often would create huge number of file versions you likely don’t want to have in your cloud (and result in older versions are removed too fast). why do you want auto-save more often?

Hi @wwe , thanks for the reply! Indeed, a small ods test sheet calculates immediately (and also xls/xlsx for that matter). I have a very large xlsx sheet (over 12000 rows), and this takes way longer to calculate. So long, in fact, that calculation only happens on automatic saving of the document. That’s every 60 seconds or so? Calculation also happens on manual saving. So, that’s my workaround for now, when I’ve edited several cells, just hit CTRL+S, and then everything gets recalculated. Not ideal, but it works for now. Not sure if I should report this as a bug, or it’s just a limitation of the software.

i think it’s worth to report the problem in collabora forum. if you have a test sheet without priivate data would be great yui can share for testing.