Collabora -- slackware 15

good evening to all. on my beloved slackware 15 i installed nextcloud, without https, but only with http. i have to use it in lan and not on the internet. I would now like to install the “collaborate” plugin, so that I can edit the documents without downloading and reloading them. I tried from the web interface, but nexcloud replies with a generic error. do you have a how_to to solve this? Thank you

I also use nextcloud and collabora (with https) on slackware 14.2. What’s your generic error?

Please post the actual error. Also trying searching for it against Issues · CollaboraOnline/richdocumentscode · GitHub

slackware 15 (current). nextcloud up and running. I access NC via the web, then I go to “applications”, then “installation packages”. in the line “collaborate online”, I click on “download and enable”, at this point, at the top right appears “an error occurred during the request …”. and the procedure stops. I specify that I would like to use NC only in lan

see the answer given to just. Thank you !

Do you mean “Collabora Online” (4.2.3) or “Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server” (6.4.1303) ? Did you try using occ command ?

I should install “collaborate online built in code server 6.4.1303”. my need is to be able to edit documents directly from the NC web page. I don’t know the command “occ”, but now I’m looking for it. thanks for the replies.

Installing the built in code server can be very long, maybe your httpd server hangs out. In this case, occ command will be a solution.
Try something like : sudo -u apache php ./occ app:enable <name app> (where “apache” is your httpd user)