Collabora *.ppt/*.pptx bad formatting

Hey guys, just noticed that when I upload a ppt/pptx, which was originally formated/created on an MS-Office-Powerpoint-Suite (2003, 2007, or whatever), the formatting of slides goes terribly wrong.

Here some examples, lets beginn with the original in PowerPoint:

now the same in collabora/code:

Well, this is when I ‘DON’T EDIT or SAVE’ the document online.

But what happens if I do so? Well, then the formatting-issue gets synched as well.
Lets see what happened now - first, collabora:

now, after synchronisation, I have it on PowerPoint as well:

and this is where this error-window pops up:

translated in english:Some texts, Images or objects on slides in the file “XYZ.pptx” could not be presented correcty by PowerPoint due to a damaged file.
Lost informations can not be restored. […]

anyone knows about this issue?

Do you have the same issue with libreoffice? Altough Collabora is a bit behind in that compatibility segment.
Probably you will be more satisfied with onlyoffice. It can render the MS Documents more accurately.

haven’t tested it yet, but will do as soon as I get the needed ressources for it.

do you know if somebody else experienced it? If it was left unnoticed so far, I’d open an issue on github.

Yes I know that with some Word files I got from my company, Collabora failed to render some graphs ( in a timeframe diagram). As I know the collabora guys are already working to do that better, but it might take some time.

ty @dev0

do you have a link (to an issue or something) so I can follow their progress?

No, I just read their generic statement, I am not running into that issue that often, I have to say I lost track to that.
Perhaps opening an issue if not yet happened, might speed up that.

okay, thanks mate.

just posted an issue on github, in case you’re interested (or maybe some others):

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