Collabora/OnlyOffice available in any of the free shared providers?

I tried the provider with their free shared account, but it does not include documents editing apps such as Collabora/OnlyOffice - they are only available in paid plans which are pretty expensive.

Is there any shared provider where we can get a free NextCloud account with embedded the documents editing tools?





we dont offer a free account, but a single user with Collabora Online for only 10€/Year.

You will be amazed at the quality. Hosting made in germany!

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tab digital has onlyoffice.

Many of the free ones will have OnlyOffice. OnlyOffice processes the text editor service in the browser, whereas Collabora uses the server to process data (think of it like running a game on your computer vs running it on one of the cloud game streaming services.)
You won’t find a free version of Nextcloud hosting Collabora for free. You will find OnlyOffice (, but there are others.)

Yes. You can use
But because of updates it is actually not available.
That is normal with new releases.

I only use “Nextcloud Text” and that is very great.
Also you can use WebDAV for remote editing.
Connect LibreOffice to nextcloud -
(only doku, does not include ONLYOFFICE/LibreOffice and it is not free)

Hi jabahosting,
I wrote to your support asking confirmation about the 10 euro/year plan, specifically if it includes Collabora tools, but I never got reply?


Please check your spamfilter. We answer very quickly.

Otherwise you can also contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp. Please take a look at our website.

Hi, yes, it is included for free on or - from free to business packages:

  • FREE 3 GB with large amount of free apps, onlyoffice, talk, notes, gallery, audio.
  • Basic Cloud from 4$ for 100GB, extra GB is only 0.02$ per GB, up to 5 TB, full install, admin panel, cPanel, email, ssl, and much more, fully managed and supported.
  • VPS and dedicated solutions , fully managed and supported.
  • Locations : Canada, Singapore, Germany, France, USA
  • Extra for FREE : SSL, support, upgrades, migration and more …