Collabora Online

As a noob I have just run through a new install of 11 and got things all singing and dancing with MySQL 4-byte to nextant and solr on Ubuntu 16.04 php7 and things are great guys.

I am stuck with Collabora though and just thought I would ask some questions.

Pulled and started the docker image and on my windows remote machine edited the hosts file for and
Ubuntu is setup as and also added

The ip is the same but apache should pick up on the server name…?

I am stuck as I am getting nothing in the logs but will try that again as my file logs settings might not of been working and switched back to defaults.
NextCloud when I click on a Libre document is access denied.

I just used the default snakeoil cert which doesn’t have a matching server name.
In the log that is just coming up as a warning but just wondering would that cause the proxy part of apache to refuse the connection before it even gets to the Collabora container ?

I haven’t got access to the public DNS control panel but that shouldn’t matter if I molest the domains and hosts file on both my remote windows client and ubuntu server just sat here on the local subnet?

Anyway off to see if I can get any more from the logs, cheers :slight_smile:

Looking at the logs.
Warning core Trusted domain error. “” tried to access using “” as host.

1.7 is my windows client and 1.9 is the ubuntu server with docker container.
’trusted_domains’ =>
array (
0 => ‘’,
1 => ‘’,

Also no server side encryption.