Collabora Online vs Collabora Online Connector

I installed Collabora according to the instructions on

Now I am at step 3. Configure the app in Nextcloud.
Choose productivity and install Collabora Online app.

The one I see on is published by Lukas Rescke
The one I see in the apps (experimental ??) is by Timar.

Which one is the correct one?
If the one from Lukas is the correct one, why doesn’t that one show?
How do I make it show?
Alternative ways?

I really like to enable Collabora in my Nextcloud (as Nextcloud is absolutely King) but I do like to use the proper app.


No, only one by Timar in admin panel, (experimental apps enabled)

It seems to differ from the one published on the nextcloud app store: by Lukas Reschke.

As one is by Timar and other seems to be from Lukas… and the name has a slight difference I need to know for sure…

Oh and when browsing the apps on the website there are a lot of differences between my admin panel app list and the one on the site

Added info. I noticed my Nexcloud 10.0.1 is probing the old store.

added: ‘appstoreurl’ => ‘’, to config.php

The apps list is updated… still no collabora :frowning:

I do find these errors however:

Could not get application: Client error response [url] [status code] 404 [reason phrase] Not Found

The number 166048 varies per category I guess.


so it seems 10.

I now installed by downloading the package.

Still nothing shows in the app list

The appstore is only used in Nextcloud 11. If you want to use that you may want to try the new release candidates:

Ah that explains. Thanks.

Anyway I bumped into the next issue… Collabora Online won’t run on a pi :frowning:

Would it run on a Arduino 101 as that is x86 you think?.. change 18/1/17 mh no misinformed by google here…first pop up when searching form small intel x86 board… anyway it will not… yes it has intel stuff but it is hardly a computer…