Collabora Online stuck on connecting


A fresh and troublefree installation by following this video. Everything seems working fine except collabora online is not loading. When I try to create or open a document, above screenshot keep bouncing without doing anything.

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • NC the latest version as of today
  • No firewall rule to prevent the connection at this stage

Any idea how to fix this?

I had this problem for long time and resolved yesterday by updrading Collabora to (> should be good). see details here:

My Collabora version is 4.2.1 despite I installed yesterday. You are saying you have 6.4.10.x
What I am missing? Could you please tell me how to upgrade?

hi, I’m talking about the Collabora CODE - server component (running as docker in my case). The Collabora Online App you are referring is the Nextcloud app which only consumes the service - I use 4.2.1 as well.

@teomcam : glad you solved the issue! can you add any details to the solution?

I cannot solve this issue with the solutions provided. I’m running both Nextcloud and Collabora Online Server in a Kubernetes environment. In NC settings, the collabora server is contacted but when trying to open a document it stucks on connecting forever.

The same yaml files are working well in a Windows 10 setup with Docker Desktop.

@wwe did you solve the issue?

@Ark74 for me this statement is clear :thinking:

hahaha, sorry, i might have skipped that part.
This seems to be an issue on newer releases, I’ll try see if that changes something.

Update: It did it. :wink: