Collabora Online app going in conflict with PDF viewer app

Nextcloud version: 20.0.4 (stable)
PDF viewer: 2.0.1 (stable)
Collabora Online version: 3.7.11

PDF viewer no longer opens files shared through Public Links, when the Collabora app is enabled. Disabling the Collabora app solves the issue. Also enabling OnlyOffice instead of Collabora solves the issue, meaning that the issue is linked to a conflict between native Nextcloud PDF viewer (2.0.1) and Collabora Online app (3.7.11).

Is Collabora Online / Nextcloud planning to fix this issue soon ?

Thanks !

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I have the same versions of everything and I don’t have this problem. So it may come from something else.

Hi @yostral, I thank you for your feedback: good to know.

In order to debug and understand the issue my side: is there a way to get the log error message avoiding PDF reader to open the file ?

Thanks !

Sorry, I don’t know. You can’t see anything the the Nextcloud logs ?

I confirm the PDF viewer conflict issue with Colllabora Online app doesn’t generate any log error/warning message in Nextcloud “Settings->Administration->Logging”

Same bug here:

  • Nextcloud 20.0.5
  • Collabora Online 3.7.11
  • PDF viewer 2.0.1

Disabling Collabora makes the pdf viewed.

Nothing in any log.

Upgraded to NC 20.0.6 ; same behavior happen.

This will be fixed with NC21 (because no backport exists currently)