Collabora Online 2.0 Available for Enterprise Customers

Originally published at: Collabora Online 2.0 Available for Enterprise Customers - Nextcloud

Following the release of the Collabora Online Developer Edition 2.0 last month, Collabora Productivity today announced the availability of Collabora Online 2.0 for enterprise customers. This release introduces fully collaborative editing as well as a number of other fixes and improvements.


Nextcloud customers can purchase Collabora Online support for their deployments, providing them with a long term supported solution with frequent security updates for collaborative editing with excellent support for the most popular office file formats including text documents (odt, docx, doc,…), spreadsheets (ods, xlsx, xls, …) and presentations (odp, pptx, ppt, …). Prospective customers can request an offer while existing customers interested in this functionality can contact our sales or support team.

This is awesome!! I’ve been using this solution ever since CODE first got released and the improvements have been constant. I think the most important area to improve is performance and I’ve seen these improvements come with every release.

I wonder… if I wanted to have my own release for a medium sized company (such as 100+ users), does anybody know best practices??? I’ve used the docker solution, but it seems to be that this is a real solution if I implement some loadbalancing among multiple servers… anybody know of any literature for larger implementations with lool???