Collabora on NextCloudPi, initial questions

Hello Community,

i’d love some advise how to setup Collabora on my Rpi3 running NextCloudPi instance.
There are some instructions i found here and elsewhere, but i still at a loss, 'cause i’m not sure about some basic prerequisites and concepts like

  1. do i need to install Docker-Stuff when i m running NCPi? Or is it solved there other way? Or is Docker already installed? - i’m bit worried if it’s not too little resources on Rpi3 for anaddition of Docker. Never used it yet either.
  2. Do i need subdomain? What if i won’t get it on my current DNS-Referal-Service ( Can i use any other domain or a deep link?
  3. Do I need another Let’s encrypt certificat, even if it’s subdomain?

Maybe there are more, but that would be great, if someone could share his/her knowledge :slight_smile:


Welcome @nextanarchy my advise is : Don’t
RPI3 does not have enough RAM to run Collabora effectively

1 I tested Collabora with docker-ce (not pre-installed) on a Debian9 VM with plenty resources, it worked, but the NC instance on the Pi was just too sluggish to make it usable. The desktop version of LibreOffice works fine for me. :wink:
2 yes, you need a separate subdomain and
3 certificate is also required.

Hi OliverV,
thank you for your experience and your answer !!
It seems like i have to reconsider my plan :frowning: and be satisfied with offline LO as well.