Collabora-office / Nextcloud document upload failed

I have nextcloud installed on a home server based on Debian 11 and working without problem,

We use them 7 users to share photos, videos and family documents.

I have installed Collabora-office and I can’t open, create or edit office files, although it seems to be correctly configured in the nextcloud configuration, where the collabora url is entered, and I even see the office symbols when I click on the cross to upload files, create folders or create files.

Finally I have installed Collabora Online - Built-in CODE Server and I have activated it from the office settings.

We are few users

It has been impossible for me to work with collabora on my server because something is not configured correctly, and I cannot find it.


I have you checked in the dev tool on the browser ? You can view if you browser is trying to access your Collabora-office server.

From the look of it might be your Collabora-office server’s certificate that is not trusted by your browser.
If you try to access your Collabora-office server directly is there any warning about the certificate not being trusted ?

This website cannot be accessed

The server IP address for could not be found.

In the address bar window it says The connection to this website is not secure.

Name not resolved means you have to register the domain name of your Collabora server in a DNS server (home or not).

If you already have that means the DNS, you used is not used by your PC (directly or indirectly with forward DNS).

And could you tell me what kind of registration is for collabora office, and how is it done?
I have bind9 installed on my server.

Fixed by adding CNAME record to the contracted domain’s DNS server

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