Collabora not working

How I can collaborate file or edit file while data encryption is active on server side?

Currently I am not able to edit document from web browser. Its say “Document cannot be saved. Check your permissions or contact the storage server administrator”

Is it data encryption or just a permissions problem – mostly nextcloud can’t write to a data folder?

I don’t know. But if storage encryption is active, then nextcloud collabora doesn’t allow to edit content of document and even though allow edit permission for sharing file gives error stating that ‘allow edit is not allowed’.

So if you turn off storage encryption — things work? (I’m not sure if you can turn off storage encryption so I’m just asking a question)

yes, it works.

Hmm, I’m not certain then. I’ve never used encryption with Nextcloud.

Collabora doesnt work with encryption, it’s a known issue. You can find this at the end of this page from the official site :

Encryption is useful only if you have external storage (like Google drive)… Do you have?

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no, we not using external cloud storage.

Hello, so it’s useless, read this to be convince. Disable your server side encryption.

I quote :
“If your Nextcloud server is not connected to any remote storage services, then it is better to use some other form of encryption such as file-level or whole disk encryption. Because the keys are kept on your Nextcloud server, it is possible for your Nextcloud admin to snoop in your files, and if the server is compromised the intruder may get access to your files. (Read Encryption in Nextcloud to learn more.)”

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