Collabora not working after server clone

I have collabora (not docker) on server #1 and nextcloud on server # 2. Both run Ubuntu 22.04 and #1 proxys to #2. I had to upgrade #1 so I cloned it to another machine #3. Everything works fine except collabora service which fails to start (‘core dump’). The collabora service setup to be on and is setup to encrypt between the server’s ethernet interface and the by the use of self-signed certificates. All was working perfectly on #1. The only difference between #1 and #3 is the MAC address.
Any ideas why collabora (coolwsd) service won’t start on #3?

Ah! I’ve solved my own problem. If coolwsd doesn’t see the, and in /etc/coolwsd it won’t start and, needless to say, gives no intelligent reasons why. I had the permissions wrong for these *.pem files. All now works as expected.

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