Collabora not opening for editing but instead downloads file to computer

When I try to edit a .docx or any other office file on nextcloud instead of opening in the browser for editing the file is being downloaded. This is only happening on my computer which is running windows 11 and not on other devices and other computers (2 windows 10 pcs, android tablets and ipad).

I have tried looking into my browser settings but they are the same as on other computers. Can any one help? I am not sure where I can start to resolve the issue.

Not a solution, but it looks like this problem has been around for some time with no “fix” across versions?
Come on NC - are you even looking at the help forums ?

Make sure your system is upgraded. i had this problem on windows after an update it started working and the problem was fixed. Never had a problem with android, ipad or linux systems. i really think the problem is with windows not nextcloud. I think you can open a github issue for the team to track the problem, the forum is more for people helping each other