Collabora - N11 - Syno 713+

Hi, I checked the forum and internet - I’m looking for a solution to install Collabora on a Synology 713+ - I can’t find a description.

Do I have to look for a step in between?

If someone knows a link - thanks in advance.

Do you want to run CODE on the synology locally or could it be run outside, like a droplet or some other vps?

Its got docker and full blown virtualization built it hasn’t it?..

I wanted to run it on the Syno directly - to be precise - I would be happy, if I would just have the old functions from o…d - called “docs” (up to 9.02) - I only need to edit documents online - without downloading them first. Like it works for txt-documents.
I don’t have knowlegde in changing scripts and lines, I have a hard time to find things like configs an so on, if the way is not explained step by step for my syno - I’m a DAU in this regards, just a user…
Plus not everything what I can find on the internet will work for me - sometimes I just cant understand (English too limited).
Sorry, I just want to know: should I quitt my research here and wait until I get an “app” out of the box for my problem?
Thanks to all which spend a thought on my problem.

Precisely that’s one of the issues to get Collabora working.
The docker image could be some trouble for non-full fledge OS.

Then if you can use a VPS like Digital ocean droplet, or any other vendor. You can set it up there and connect it over SSL to your nextcloud instance on your device.
I’ll recommend *buntu 16.04 as a base, since Debian on its default state doesn’t play nice with docker.

CODE/Collabora is pretty much LibreOffice so you can edit, text, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.
I you need help let us know.
@Stuart_Naylor and myself had gathered some cool expertise on the subject.


I think your more the expert :slight_smile: I try my best.

I had a quick look at that box and actually, unless I am reading things wrong you can virtualise it and not run virtualisation.
Could be totally wrong, but if so its a shame as you could of installed it via snap and hence the name, its a snap and a singular command.

I don’t know that box, dunno if anybody else does, but not sure what it runs on or if it is possible.

Back again - with a quick update.
Managed to install collabora code with dockers on the Syno 713+.
First of all - the service always switch off by himself and the log shows:

date stream content
2017-03-15 13:37:40 stdout su: System error

2017-03-15 13:37:40 stdout Getting CA Private Key

2017-03-15 13:37:40 stdout subject=/C=DE/ST=BW/L=Stuttgart/O=Dummy Authority/CN=localhost

2017-03-15 13:37:40 stdout Signature ok

2017-03-15 13:37:40 stdout e is 65537 (0x10001)

2017-03-15 13:37:40 stdout …+++

2017-03-15 13:37:39 stdout …+++

2017-03-15 13:37:39 stdout “Generating RSA private key, 2048 bit long modulus

This will be my first problem to overcome I think…

Firewall is off
Internet works fine - nextcloud as well

NAS is plugged in (for a special joker in this forum)

So a “Guru” on a NAS/Nextcloud installation is the challenge to find here :slight_smile: