Collabora - is it open source?


For the last two days, I have trying to install collabora in order to offer a collaborative rich text editor for my community.

Since I do not have access to a machine able to run docker, I tried to follow instructions here: *HowTo:* Install Collabora Online on Ubuntu 16.04. (without Docker!) , but it did not worked. These instructions [HOWTO] Collabora 2.0 without using Docker not for prod also dont work for me, since docker is needed on the process.

I would consider getting a docker ready hosting, however, I have some doubts regarding the openness of collabora.

From the collabora app page:, we can read that

Collabora Online is Open Source self-hosted and secure!

Great, that’s what I was expecting. However, latter on we read that:

We are able to provide a solution for Online Office for the entire Nextcloud community through our partnership with Collabora in an easy to use docker image for home users.

Further reading tells me that “home users” is a limit of 10 differents documents at the same time, or 20 connections max at the same time.

Is it open source to distribute a limited docker image? Where is the code? Why is there this limit? Are there other “more open source” options?


it has all been said about this before here --> Collabora Document Limitation by Purpose (10Docs/20Connections)

the sourcecode collabora is based on is the libreoffice-code.

Please continue the conversation on @JimmyKater’s linked post as references to recompiling the source without the limitation have been discussed there.