Collabora integration with nextcloud and self signed certs (solution)

Hello people,

I’ve made up a solution for integrating collabora online (CODE) with Nextcloud 11.0.2, inside a local CentOS 7 VirtualBox VM and using self-signed certificates:

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Hi Orboan:

I found your YT video on this topic as well:

Like your students I don’t want or need a third-party certificate as I sort of trust that my server is actually my server. :slight_smile:

Unlike your students, I am running my Nextcloud server on LinuxMint 18.2. with Apache and MariaDB – not on CentOS or VM, and a lot of this configuration stuff is hard for me to follow.

Do you think installing Collabora on my server and then following the steps you did in your YT video will work for me? And if so, any tips and warnings. Thanks!