Collabora integration not working in IE11


The collabora integration in Nextcloud has worked well for a few months but now users are complaining that they’re seeing a white page. I rebooted the collabora docker and upgraded Nextcloud to the latest (14.0.3) but to no avail.

When clickin on a document (spreadsheet or word), contents are being shown when this is done from within Edge or Chrome, but when doing this from within Internet Explorer 11, only a half toolbar is shown with underneath a big white screen. No warning about incompatibility or anything.

Since its working in Chrome and Edge, I assume that the workings itself are okay? Is there a compatibility issue here? Maybe someone can confirm or deny?

We have the same thing. Doesn’t work in IE11 but, works fine in Firefox/Chome.
The problem started when we updated to NextCloud 14.0.1, but it is still there in 14.0.3.

This is also happening with the latest Collabora Online plugin (3.0.1). Annoying at the least, have to give instructions to download documents now…

Still happening with v3.0.5. Has support for IE silently been dropped maybe?

Same problem here with Nextcloud 14.0.3 an Collabora 3.0.5 App.

The problem could be the latest Docker CE, see:

nc14.04 just the same. I have the self-compiled version with loolwsd 3.2.0. So docker can’t be blamed.IE complains that the content should be displayed in a separate window but that window remains empty.

I’m having the same problem. Anyone got a solution?