Collabora Initially Has Issues Opening Password Protected Excel Files

Today, I updated my collabora/code Docker image. I’m now seeing the following error message pop up on only THE FIRST ATTEMPT to open password-protected Excel (.xlsx) files:

Failed to load the document.  Please ensure the file type is supported and not corrupted, and try again.

I click OK to close the message box and click Cancel in the password entry dialog box.

On the second (and all subsequent attempts), the password-protected Excel files open normally.

All other filetypes, and non-password-protected Excel files open on the first attempt, as expected.

Nextcloud 18.0.0
Nginx 1.17.8
PHP 7.4.2
Docker 1:19.03.5
collabora/code 4.2.0
Arch Linux 5.4.13
Nextcloud Collabora Online App 3.5.1

Same issue here. Worked nicely before upgrade to Nextcloud 18.