Collabora Initially Has Issues Opening Password Protected Excel Files

Today, I updated my collabora/code Docker image. I’m now seeing the following error message pop up on only THE FIRST ATTEMPT to open password-protected Excel (.xlsx) files:

Failed to load the document.  Please ensure the file type is supported and not corrupted, and try again.

I click OK to close the message box and click Cancel in the password entry dialog box.

On the second (and all subsequent attempts), the password-protected Excel files open normally.

All other filetypes, and non-password-protected Excel files open on the first attempt, as expected.

Nextcloud 18.0.0
Nginx 1.17.8
PHP 7.4.2
Docker 1:19.03.5
collabora/code 4.2.0
Arch Linux 5.4.13
Nextcloud Collabora Online App 3.5.1

Same issue here. Worked nicely before upgrade to Nextcloud 18.

I’m not going to mark this as solved, because this still happens intermittently. I’m not sure why.

At the moment, I do not have this problem.