Collabora how to change localisation (spreadsheet functions)

One problem is the localisation of Collabora. For instance you use In Germany for decimal numbers , (comma) instead of . (dot).

Connected to this problem is, that all functions are in English as well… e.g. “if” instead the German “wenn” or “sum” instead of “summe”.

Is there any solution to change theses settings?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi I have the same problem. The currency in the Spreadsheet is just in US dollars, and the dates are formatted the wrong way. So I want to put 31/07/16 for example but it won’t accept that date range as in USA it is 07/31/16.

Thanks for any help, I just need to change it to British/UK locale somehow?


Same problem here. I’d like to have for french

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Still same problem here (using the new docker image) … :unamused:

Would be great to fix this issue.