Collabora HAproxy

Hello together,

I have difficulties running a collabora/code-docker setup behind haproxy (opnsense).
I’ve had it running for a short time with a solution which is here in the forum:

  • binding code-docker to a lan/dmz-interface and configure haproxy to use ip and port (9980) from code-docker as backend-server.

It seams to be the logical move since even in the first place there was a apache vhost as proxy. I havn’t found a step by step to configure collabora/code with haproxy as there are some with apache and ngnix.

Help is much appreciated,

Solved - as always: don’t just set up the 19 right places when there are 20.

So components:

  • unbound (for redirecting lan to lan with external domain - not every setup will require this)
  • haproxy
  • code docker
  • nextcloud integration
  • opnsense firewall

I’m running collabora/code and nextcloud from the same debian host in dmz. But I forgot to allow the host to reach the haproxy frontend-ip on lan…

Maybe it would be possible, or even better, to use the unbound overwrite just for the nextcloud-lan and point docker-code to the haproxy frontend-ip on dmz?!