[Collabora] - Feedbacks


Recently move to NextCloud with Collabora, i would like to thanks you for the work.

I’ve 3 feedbacks :

  • FYI; I had to create a SSL certificate for my office.mycloud.org domaine on my local server. I didn’t remember having seen this step to make Collabora working.

  • Collabora is not able to read/open file with accent in the filename. When removing the filename, no problem.

  • I’m not able to set the width and height of columns and rows, is it a bug ?


I Can open files with accent. If you use docker you have to modify it in order to use C.UTF-8 and if you’re not using docker, if you have a system based on UTF-8 for locales you won’t have problems.

My feedback :
A top application, smooth, with the basic options.
I have just a problem this is Collaboration : I cannot edit a file with another user. The other user can see the file moving but without highlights, and he cannot write without asking it by clicking on a bottom button, but then the first user cannot write at the same time.
The basic apps Documents can have severals users at the same time, but can only do the real basic with doc files.