Collabora extension: Trying to access array offset on value of type null at DiscoveryManager.php#13

Whenever I try to access a document with the collabora extension I get this error: Trying to access array offset on value of type null at /var/www/html/custom_apps/richdocuments/lib/WOPI/DiscoveryManager.php#132 Does anyone know why this happens? I haven’t found this error anywhere else.
The weird things is, that it was working yesterday, but then my installation corrupted in some way and I had to reinstall, it’s been broken since.

I’m on nextcloud and I installed both the collabora CODE and nextcloud office extensions from the app hub. The config is pretty much at the default settings, I did however change the apache port from 80 to 8899, so it doesn’t interfere with caddy.

I’m using the following unofficial community image, because I’ve done too much setup here. If you know that it won’t work on this image, I’ll try the AIO image.

Edit: something just changed and I remember this: a new tab just opened, opening to, and that even with the OVERWRITEWEBROOT setting enabled taht should always prefix /cloud in my case

Edit 2: That went away, but there is one more thing I forgot to include earlier. The Nextcloud documents server thingy outputs this: OC\DB\Exceptions\DbalException: An exception occurred while executing a query: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 5 database is locked

The AIO container seemingly enforces experimenting on PROD which I don’t want to do. That goes out the window then

Hi UltraBlack

The exact same thing happened to us earlier today. We were on 27.1.0 (now upgraded to 27.1.1 as a last resort which has not made a difference). I have not yet seen your DB error on mine (or I have missed it). I am going through all the logs to see what I can find.

The first symptom was that when opening an office fiel online (Windows or Mac), Collabora loads up and then says “no disk space left on the server”, even though I have plenty of space. Did you get this message too?



No I didn’t ever see that message pop up here.

I did have to reinstall again to make it work with mysql (because I couldn’t get the DB converter to detect my DB server), and now I’m getting yet another different error: Exception: Could not find urlsrc in WOPI. I hope it’s just reboot related will vanish alongside the other error, but I don’t think that’ll happen.

Edit: All the previous stuff goes out the window. I just tried a standalone collabora installation, which has none of these errors. Same problem. Must be a problem with the richdocuments bridge

I opened an issue for my problem:

I’ve noticed an issue, and it might be the whole reason it’s not working: The document editor request doesn’t use the webroot it’s supposed to use. it tries to use /browser/ instead of /path/browser

Also added that to the github issue. Hopefully somebody can find a solution

I’ve noticed that I took a wrong turn at the end.

Opened a fresh issue with all the recent discoveries: richdocuments ignores custom webroot · Issue #3420 · nextcloud/richdocuments · GitHub