Collabora error setup


I setup collabora on my nextcloud 14.
My collabora server is reachable also from outside as I get a login promt if I call the adminpanel of collabora.
As soon as I enable it in the settings (add the url with my port (in my case https://myserver:444)) the nextcloud will not respond anymore and all is white.
In the logs I cannot find anything senseful only the error attached.
Can you help me out?

is valid as well.

As a tutorial I used this one:


I run the collabora on my server https://mydomain:444 and my nextcloud on https://mydomain:443
Both I can reach from outside but when I configure it in nextcloud all become a blank white screen and the log above.


How did you set up port 444? If it is set up for loolwsd port instead of 9980, then it will not work, because ports below 1024 need special privileges.


Oh, I have a better idea. Can you please check your browser’s console log? Isn’t it CSP violation error? See also


HI :wink:
I set this up with a apache reverse-proxy. internally (in docker) it runs on 9980.
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If I navigate directly to https://mydomain:444 I get no error only that i cannot access the page, cause its forbidden. SSL is valid…


If I activate it by typing inside the url at the config I get no error either but all does not respond anymore.Even after 20 mins it does not stop to load.


Also it does not respond if I open the url https://mydomain/nextcloud in another tab or browser


After the new Version (Nextcloud 14 [3.1.1]) of the Collabora App today the nextcloud still respond but very slowly.
If I open a document it shows still whitescreen.
In the browsers console I get the error attached.

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I found out that the error has to be at the nextcloud app.
The collabora is accessable:

Also the suburls:
Does someone know how to resolve this issue?