Collabora doesnt saves empty files

Our Collabora “suddenly” (ofcourse, nothing is really suddenly) has problems saving Office files.

I can create a word document, or an excel document in Nextcloud, online. When i press save it shows the correct save date etc, and the file size changes as well. But the document is empty when i re-open it. It doesnt matter if i open it in the online editor or in OpenOffice or in Office 365 itself. the file is empty.

The nextcloud.log shows a lot of data but nothing (from what i can see) relating to errors of Collabora. Where would i ,look next? I have installed all updates, rebooted the machine, etc etc.

I have also looked at other threads in the forum, but nothing seems to be like what i experience.

I would also look here:

  • The console (DevTools) of your browser
  • The logs from Collabora

Version information across the board would be helpful. :slight_smile:

Also, which CODE: Built-in or Normal?