Collabora Docker taking up a lot of space

I happened to notice today that the /var/lib/docker directory is taking up 89 GB of space, and the image is name is collabora/code . This is a problem since my install is on a 128GB drive. I don’t know much about docker, but this is kind of absurd. I tried moving the mnt and diff folders under aufs to another hard drive and created sym links for them since they are the folders taking up the most space. Unfortunately, after doing that, collabora online cannot load any documents for viewing or editing. Is there a way I can reduce the size of of the mnt and diff folders so I can put them back to their original location?

docker system df
to see what is using te disk space

docker system prune
to delete
– all stopped containers
– all networks not used by at least one container
– all dangling images
– all build cache