Collabora Docker is Hogging Storage

I’ve been seeing that others have this problem too but cannot find a solution.

I’ve tried running docker prune -a --force which cleared up about 1.2GB of data… but the Collabora docker is still using up 20GB of space, according to df -h. I have also done php occ files:scan –all.

I’m on Nextcloud 14 (also happened on 13) running on Ubuntu 18 with nginx and PHP 7.1.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Sorry, this is my first time using Docker so I’m not entirely sure what would be useful to provide as additional info.

I the case of the collabora container
you can delete the container and recreate it on regular basis to see if you can save space.
( the app is most of stateless,
you just have to give your authorized domains at startup)

Thanks for the suggestion. Is this a bug in the docker container or is this a usual thing with docker? I’ll try this but really hope there is a better solution out there. :-/

EDIT: Question and output below.

I did docker stop $(docker ps -a) then ran docker rm theDockerID. When I pulled the container, I saw some output that says “Already exists”. When I enter the ID to rm it, I get the output “Error: No such container: bd97b43c27e3”. Are they already deleted, or do I need to do that manually?

Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from collabora/code
bd97b43c27e3: Already exists 
6960dc1aba18: Already exists 
2b61829b0db5: Already exists 
1f88dc826b14: Already exists 
73b3859b1e43: Already exists 
5023002f3516: Pull complete 
c02fcc31752b: Pull complete 
4108e996a9f5: Pull complete

What you are seeing are the collabora image’s layers being updated.
As the image as more than 1 layer, docker pull only updated layers for network performance.
To explain it shortly : in Docker a lot of things are containers. Images are a glorified stack of containers built upon each other’s while the resulting file system is archived , waiting to be run again.
That’s why, here, you need to use the docker run command to create a collabora container from the image.
Regards. :slight_smile: