Collabora Docker image with running nextcloud on IPV6 host


I am running a Nextcloud server on Debian 16.04 TLS using an IPV6 address on Unitymedia cable.
I am trying to integrate Collabora.
But I guess I got stucked because Collabora within the docker image is not able to access my nexcloud domain which is addressed via IPV6.

Attached the log messages from the collabora docker image trying to open a document:
office version details: { “ProductName”: “Collabora Office”, “ProductVersion”: “5.3”, “ProductExtension”: “.10.36”, “BuildId”: “bb5e55d407c013b5b59459d9551268924cd7f785” }
wsd-00025-00033 16:18:02.629874 [ websrv_poll ] WRN WOPI host did not pass optional access_token_ttl| wsd/FileServer.cpp:471
wsd-00025-00033 16:18:03.308982 [ websrv_poll ] WRN File system of [/opt/lool/child-roots/.] is dangerously low on disk space.| wsd/LOOLWSD.cpp:1462
wsd-00025-00033 16:18:03.309619 [ websrv_poll ] WRN Waking up dead poll thread [docbroker_001], started: false, finished: false| ./net/Socket.hpp:507
wsd-00025-00035 16:18:03.326820 [ docbroker_001 ] ERR Cannot get file info from WOPI storage uri []. Error: Net Exception: Network is unreachable| wsd/Storage.cpp:529
wsd-00025-00035 16:18:03.326962 [ docbroker_001 ] ERR Failed to add session to [/index.php/apps/richdocuments/wopi/files/157838_ocddt7r4b194] with URI []: Net Exception| wsd/DocumentBroker.cpp:958
wsd-00025-00035 16:18:03.327033 [ docbroker_001 ] ERR Error while loading : Net Exception| wsd/LOOLWSD.cpp:2287
wsd-00025-00035 16:18:03.443655 [ docbroker_001 ] WRN Child session [0002] not found to forward message: load url= readonly=0 lang=de| wsd/DocumentBroker.cpp:1448
wsd-00025-00035 16:18:04.044357 [ docbroker_001 ] WRN Attempted ping on non-upgraded websocket!| ./net/WebSocketHandler.hpp:280
wsd-00025-00035 16:18:04.328347 [ docbroker_001 ] ERR No socket associated with WebSocketHandler 0x0x7f3f500144f0| ./net/WebSocketHandler.hpp:100
wsd-00025-00026 16:18:04.328901 [ prisoner_poll ] WRN Waking up dead poll thread [docbroker_001], started: true, finished: true| ./net/Socket.hpp:507

Any idea how to enable IPV6 Support to access the files from the Collabora?

Thank in advance, Brakelmann.

i think you want saying Ubuntu (the latest Debian is 10 : future next stable buster)
do you read :

Ups, you are right I am running Ubuntu 16.04.

Thanks for pointing me to the thread.
I read the article but did not find the answer to my problem.
The thread describes a scenario where nextcloud and collabora are both running on IPV4.

I need to run nextcloud and collabora in an IPV6 environment.
Nextcloud is no problem and straight forward, but I am not able to get collabora running on IPV6.
Especially I am not able to bind the loolwsd to IPV6 address.

Best regards, Brakelmann.

i think if you do a netstat -latupen you don t see port 9980 on IPv6 but only on IPv4.

Exactly, and I guess that is the core problem.

And the question is: “Is it possible to configure collabora (loolwsd) that it is also binds to the IPV6 address?”

I also gave it try using collabora installation with the script mentioned here:

But the problem remains the same. Port 9980 is only listening on IPV4 not IPV6.

Any idea to get it working with IPV4 and / or IPV6?

Thanks, Brakelmann.

I think you need to ask as a feature for this , before you can try playing with loolwsd.xml.

I already had a look at the loolwsd.xml without any success.

Can you point me to where I can create a feature request?
Is it on github?

Thanks, Brakelmann.

I am newer , but i think is the good category

if you create the topic can you give me the link?
i use too IPv6 but i am blocking with IPv4 …

Michael implemented IPV6 support some days ago and I was able to setup and test it successfully:

Get the latest code from github.
The default configuration is dual stack so it should work with IPv6 as well.

Best regards, Brakelmann.