Collabora-code container network setup for nextcloud office


I have run nextcloud under podman for years, behind opnsense ha-proxy. I thought I give a try for collabora-code by adding the container. But I don’t find good network description to figure out if nextcloud pod passes all traffic to collabora-online container, or does it need the user browser direct access from internet also to collabora code container?

Then there are settings for security to give list of allowed ips for WOPI. Is the WOPI access something between only nextcloud container and collabora container, or perhaps collabora container and user browser?

These network descriptions are not quite documented in install guide.

So far I just set up another podman container for collabora, and gave it separate internet url with ssl cert, which ha-proxy then forwards to collabora container as http. I get OK if I go to that url from browser. Nextcloud says green for the collabora, but when I open any doc, it won’t open.

Then I started to question if the collabora container really should be open to internet. Both nextcloud and collabora pods are running on same host on podman.

So I’m puzzled now how the network should be setup? Container to container, with podman network IPs, or via host public ips on linux, or over ha-proxy, or is the traffic going from the both to client browser?

I followed this guide

for details of CODE integration take a loot at this wiki: Nextcloud Collabora integration

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thanks, looks exactly like what I was after!

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