Collabora Code 21.11 in NextCloud looks different than in the release notes?

I’m testing NextCloud 23 with Collabora code on the latest docker image, but Collabora in NC looks different:


The collabora release notes for 21.11 shows a different UI with some kind of ribbon menus. So I checked the version in Help > About, it seems that I have 21.11 and already the latest one:

COOLWSD version: git hash: 15dc78e4

LOKit version:
Collabora Office git hash: e60ec9f
Angeboten von: Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS b0ce7ec9
Copyright © 2021, Collabora Productivity Limited.

Also the Collabora app for Nextcloud is the latest avaliable version 5.0.0. Collabora v6.4 shows a similiar menu. According to the release notes, is the latest release from this month (december).

Does this mean, that Nextcloud have their own UI, which is decent different from the official one or why is it looking so different? :thinking:

EDIT: I found a similar screenshot of those menus on the official Nextcloud Collabora page. It seems that they’re using a mix of the old and new design. But this means, that it’s possible to enable this new UI also in the NC integration?!

Another example is this blog post. Sadly it’s using the latest tag, so it’s not reproduceable with the version he’s using.

Hi @Th3Dan

Yes they have. It’s called Nextcloud Office. Starting with Nextcloud 23 and Collabora Online 5.0.0, that’s how it looks. See here…

The screenshot in the first link shows how it looked up until and with Nextcloud 22. The second link shows how it will look from Nextcloud 23 and onward. Or to put it simply:
Ribbons = old
No ribbons = current

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