Collabora at scale

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Im looking for some guidance regarding Collabora and nextcloud. We are in the process of tendering for a rather large contract, one of the requirements would be to have document editing / previewing via a hosted office (Collabora in nextcloud’s case ) however this would be for initially 15,000 users and everything I read says you are lucky to get 100 users on the docker image. So my question is, is this going to be possible with nextcloud (eg 15k users with Collabora functionality ) .

Any advice would be very welcomed.

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Kevin M

As far as I recall collabora as provided to the community is limited, you’ll be best served getting in touch with the guys for enterprise support.

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@JasonBayton is correct here. The Docker image provided by Collabora is limited and not intended neither will the configuration scale to the number of users that you require.

However, Collabora can be deployed in a clustered environment using the official Collabora packages. This allows scaling to such big environments. Our enterprise support would be happy to help you on that.

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