Colectives migration

When moving from a slow server to a high-performance NC 23 server we can move the files from collectives. Or more correctly we got a zip of the old ones, but we don’t understand where to extract them on the new server?

Hey @mala57,

there’s no “officially supported” way of migrating collectives from one server to another. I’d suggest to do the following:

  1. Backup the old collective content by downloading a zip of the collective folder content (under Collectives/<mycollective> in the Files app)
  2. Create the respective collective on the new server
  3. Upload the contents of the backups to the new collective folder (under Collective/<mycollective> in the Files app)
  4. Add members to the new collective/circle

You will lose information about the most recent user that changed pages and when pages got changed, as well as public shares of the collective. Apart from that, everything should be retained.

And it works! :grinning:
Thx buddy